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We create enrichment classes for accelerated students in New Jersey. Each course will raise essential questions regarding the subject matter, and seek to discover answers and generate new questions by applying a mix of observation, experimentation, presentation and discussion. Curricula are designed to be informative and promote independent study, as well as acquiring real world skills such as presenting to and working together with one’s peers. The classroom environment is always fun, kind and positive.

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for Accelerated Learners in NJ



Along with my full time career as a commodity futures-options broker and my devotion to teaching enrichment for accelerated learners on the weekends, I am a parent. We have two teenage boys at home, Markus and Zachery. Markus is a sophomore majoring in physics at Montclair State University and Zachery is a sophomore at Princeton High School majoring in Dungeons and Dragons. My wife, Elise, is a somatic therapist specializing in craniosacral therapy.

We place a premium on prompt and thorough replies from our sons’ teachers. This courtesy and professionalism is my priority being your child’s teacher.


Richie Panuyas


Richie has been a professional educator since 2011. He has worked as a certified public school teacher and a private teacher with every population from K-12 and Special Education to Gifted. As a teacher, his favorite part is helping students break plateaus and reach breakthroughs that improve their overall confidence, ability, and attitude towards learning. He believes in classes that both work hard and play hard, isolating fundamentals before style. In life, he is generally interested in anything “human” with particular interests in self-improvement, psychology, and communication.

Dory Castillo


Teaching STEM to K-12 and beyond for the past 4 years has been my passion. Conducting research in fluid mechanics at Montclair State University and having my worked published has been the highlight of my time working towards my degree in Physics. I am involved in a variety of startups that encourage science advocacy for children. As an artist, I am inspired by sculpting, painting, playing the banjo, and writing. Creative expression is emboldened in all my classes supported by the synergy of science and art.

Terri Beckles


A researcher and developer, Terri advances computing literacy and data science instruction and training at universities and academies. As a portrait photographer, she infuses art and creativity in her approach to teaching and equipping students and teachers. She develops computing curricula and applications at the cross-section of education, computing, and art that engage students and teachers as co-creators and agents for change in their fields, communities, and careers.