Big Data

Dory Castillo

For Students 6th-8th grade
Sundays, Period 1
Oct 7 – Dec 9, 2018
$300 per semester for each course


Galileo's Classroom is excited to present a Big Data course from Instructor Dory Castillo for students in grades 6 - 8.


(6th-8th grade)

Ever wonder how Instagram, Amazon, or Snapchat features people or things you may like? Ever wonder how meteorologists can predict the weather or plan for the next Mars mission? It all has to do with Big Data and how it’s used! In this course you will harness the power of Big Data to research any topic that interests you and develop skills to market your own inventions.


Teaching STEM to K-12 and beyond for the past 4 years has been my passion. Conducting research in fluid mechanics at Montclair State University and having my worked published has been the highlight of my time working towards my degree in Physics. I am involved in a variety of startups that encourage science advocacy for children. As an artist, sculpting, painting, playing the banjo, and writing inspire me. Creative expression is emboldened in all of my classes supported by the synergy of science and art.

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We will meet in room 1121 in the ADP Center, which is in University Hall on the Montclair State University campus. There will be college and graduate students in attendance participating as co-teachers and assistants.


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