Dance of the Electrons

For Students 6th-8th grade
Sunday 10:00 am - 11:15 am
Oct 7 – Dec 9, 2018
$300 per semester for each course


Students will identify the characteristics of electrons and explore the role they play in comprising matter, energy, force, and motion. Electrons are at the interchange of physics, chemistry, and biology.

How are electrons transported in photosynthesis? How do electrons dance when heated? How do the electrons of one atom bond with the electrons of another atom? How does varying the number of electrons fundamentally change the essence of matter? What is light? What is polarity? What is convection? What is the greenhouse effect? What are the costs and benefits of renewable versus nonrenewable energy?

These are the essential questions students will investigate. Ultimately, our study will lead to recognizing, utilizing, and creating better ways of using our natural resources with the goal of being better stewards of our planet.



We will meet in room 1121 in the ADP Center, which is in University Hall on the Montclair State University campus. There will be college and graduate students in attendance participating as co-teachers and assistants.


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